Series Classes

Series classes invite students to commit to themselves, to a teacher and to a practice.  This format is steeped in the tradition of yoga, where knowledge is transmitted from teacher to student over time.

Our programs are designed to build each week over the course of the session, helping students develop a strong student-teacher and community relationship, witness growth in their practice and build strong foundations for a personal practice.


Ache Less, SMille more: Yoga Solutions for painless living
6-week Series starts Thursday, January 4th

Do you struggle with recurring pain?
Are you simply tired of daily aches and pains?

Join us to learn tools you can do yourself to stay pain free, long into the future, no matter when or where your pain returns.

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The alchemist winter series
Starts Sunday, january 21st 5:45-7:15pm

This course is designed to bring the level one student up to a level 2 practice. We will begin the course by reviewing the foundational postures and working on the building blocks for level 2 poses. We practice the full range of standing poses, seated poses, basic twists, forward bends, backbends, headstand and shoulder-stand. From the foundation of strength, stamina, alignment, and understanding created in the first half of the course, we'll move into a level 2 practice.

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The magic shop: winter series

This course is designed to take intermediate level students towards a level 3 practice! We will begin to work with more advanced postures within longer sequences that include headstand, handstand, shoulder stand, backbends, forward bends, bindings and arm balances. These classes are for more seasoned yoga students that are comfortable with inversions. Students will develop strength and refinement in all asanas. 

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heat 'n beats series

This 10-week course is designed to correspond with the The Winter Magic Shop! You'll take what you learn in the Magic shop and apply it in this free-flowing class! Bump'n music, challenging sequences, and inspiring philosophy!  Sign up for all 10 week, 5 weeks or come for a drop-in!