The Alchemist: Foundation Training - Level 1/2

teacher: Kendra Renzoni

Cost: $240 (Early Bird $216 by September 4th)
wednesdays 5:45-7:15pm
Sept 25th - Dec 18th ( No class oct 9th)

Experience the effects of powerful posture!

If you want to:

  • Heal from old injuries and relieve pain

  • Feel healthy and strong every day

  • Optimize your physical performance

This series is exactly what you need to get the most out of life!

Foundation Training brings our body back into balance through correcting poor posture, weak alignment habits, and movement patterns that lack strength and energy. These habitual patterns create unnecessary stress and strain that compromises our joints, weakens our muscles and restricts organ function. This leads to plateaus in performance, spinal compression, musculoskeletal and nerve pain, joint problems, fasciitis, inflammation, and challenging psycho-emotional states.

These highly developed exercises are designed to strengthen the posterior chain of muscles which support the spine. Strengthening the posterior chain of muscles, shoulders, back, butt and legs shifts the burden of support to where it belongs: the large muscle groups. Done regularly, this combination of stretching, strength building and decompression movements maintain a pain free and healthy posture.

Benefits include:

  • Increase your athletic ability (speed, mobility, strength, endurance)

  • Boost your energy through decompressing the spine and torso which helps the organs work at their optimal ability

  • Develop a powerful and supple back, trustworthy and loved sacroiliac joint, fabulous hamstrings that extend long and strong, brave and mobile shoulders, spacious joints with increased range of motion, a body-wide spread of agile muscle and fascia and a freedom-filled, reliable and sure-fire neck.

  • Receive the emotional and psychological benefits of these postural adjustments as they lift you out of depression, anxiety and other emotional challenges into a state of well being.

  • Be better at whatever you do.

The Alchemist Series is for those interested in getting started with Foundation Training and for those that have just begun exploring this powerful practice.