Developmental Yoga & Somatic Movement

teacher: Molly Terrill
cost: $144/8-week series (Early bird $120 by Sept 10th)
tuesdays 7:00-8:15pm
october 1st -  november 19th

Do you remember learning how to walk? Probably not. But don’t worry, the cells in your body do!

Did you know that many adult injuries are products of missed or incomplete developmental patterns from the early years of life?

This class will explore human development and growth in the context of yoga, and examine how the innate developmental patterns that all humans experience can be a useful vehicle for deepening yoga practice, preventing injury, and increasing awareness. Classes will include movement both on and off the mat - come prepared to sweat!

Students will learn what the developmental patterns are, from the moment of conception through the first year of life after birth, how to embody them in their movement, how to complete patterns they may have missed or skipped as children, and how to correlate these patterns with the development and evolution of yoga itself. All levels welcome, a few prior yoga classes recommended.