Yogi of the Month - October 2017!

We have so many incredible yogis as part of our community, that we just have to tell you about some of them.  It's time to meet some of the superstars that make our community so awesome!

October 2017

Meet Linda Lussier!


I am so grateful Linda discovered our yoga community earlier this year!  It is always such a joy to have her in class.  She is always smiling and willing to try anything you offer in class.  Linda is an annual member and has attended class over 109 times since she started in January!  She is truly committed to her practice and I look forward to seeing her name on the roster each week. Thanks Linda for all that you do for Serenity!  

In her own words:

How long have you been practicing?

I first started practicing yoga on January 21st, 2017.

How did you find your way onto your mat?

I found my way to my mat in what I think of as the second phase of a weight loss effort.  In July of 2016, having carried extra weight for years, I decided I wanted to be heathy; to do what I needed to do to ensure that I could live an active and complete life, well into my retirement years.  So, I changed my diet (bye, bye carbs) and started an indoor cycling regimen.  Six months later, I decided to kick things up, a notch or two. 

My stylist works at the salon across from Serenity Yoga and while getting my hair done one day, and literally staring at the studio and wondering, again, if it might be something I would like, I decided to take the leap.

What have you learned on your yogic journey?

I have learned and am still learning to practice gratitude and and acceptance.  What initially brought me to my practice was the physical.  What keeps me coming back is the emotional; the balance that yoga brings to my life, the overwhelming positive energy of the instructors and my fellow students and the rejuvenation and peace that I take away from each session.

What advice would you share with someone who is new to yoga?

My advice would be to have patience with one's self and to allow yourself to embrace and grow in all aspects of your practice.  Be open to each experience, to each class and let it nourish you.

What’s your favorite thing about practicing at Serenity Yoga?

For me, it is the experience in its totality, rather than any one thing.  I cannot say it's a particular instructor: they are all unique and each of them offers a special gift to their students.  Nor is it a particular style of yoga, that might be taught or the physical aspects of practice versus the meditative components.  Everything about Serenity Yoga is nurturing and supportive and has added quality in my life... and I am grateful.