Yogis of the Month - August 2017!

We have so many incredible yogis as part of our community, that we just have to tell you about some of them.  It's time to meet some of the superstars that make our community so awesome!

august 2017

Meet Scott & Ginger Wilson!

Scott & Ginger have been Serenity's biggest fan since Day 1!  Together they have logged over 560 visits to the studio!  And they might be the most active people I know - always looking for the next outdoor adventure together or with their family!

I tend to lean on Scott and Ginger for the pulse of the community. They keep me honest and push me to explore new opportunities to bring to the community!  I am extremely grateful for their loyalty and lovingkindness.  I also adore practicing with these two - they push me to challenge myself even when I'm not feeling like a challenge.  And, on occasion, Scott and I have been known to need separating during class!  When we practice next to each other, expect there to be lots of fun and laughs!  Thank you both for all that you've done for me and the community over the past 5 years!  Here's to many more years growing together! 

In their own words:


My yoga journey has been going on for over 20 years. Although Yoga was something I knew about it wasn’t as popular or available as it is now.  I first stepped on the mat through an after school evening program for parents sponsored by East Meadow School in Granby. Here I was introduced to a few basic yoga postures and principles, mostly about Breathing!  And I liked it!!  From there my journey took me to different teachers and different styles, from Vinnie, Hatha, Iyegnar, Ashtagna, Embody, and Flow and combinations of those all!  Yoga taught me more about my body, my needs.  It added a practical dimension to my life and also into my work as a Physical Therapist Assistant.  I am a active individual, thriving on physical movement, but i was lacking that key component, dare I say, flexibility! (both mental and physical).  Yoga filled that need, and it continues to fill me.  I am still constantly learning more about myself while I flow on my mat.  

What advice would you share with someone who is new to yoga?
For those just starting into the yoga adventure, I would say to take time to explore and feel what type of class and/or teaching style may fit your needs the best.  Listen to your body and don’t be afraid to ask questions or modify postures.   

What’s your favorite thing about practicing at Serenity Yoga?
Serenity Yoga has been my home base for many of my mat hours.  There is a sense of peace, kindness and community as you step into the studio.  I always feel welcome and I always feel refreshed when I leave. It feels like Home!


Yoga started as an insurance policy for my body to ensure I could be active in my other outdoor activities. It then became a "sport" of its own, struggling to create the postures.  It then shifted to become a way to find an inner peace. Most of the yoga that I have done has been with Ashtanga, Baptiste, Embody, and Iyengar.  I have read many books, studied yoga philosophy and feel like i have only scratched the vast surface.  

What advice would you share with someone who is new to yoga?
Asana is about an adventure to feel your body, and by going inside, it will open you up to a whole new world.  Yoga is so much more than the postures.  

What’s your favorite thing about practicing at Serenity Yoga?
Favorite thing at Serenity is actually a person.  Kendra has a way to make yoga fun, challenging, and rewarding, while teaching you proper alignment, and mixing in music, philosophy and a life lesson.