You Are Not Your Anxiety

You Are Not Your Anxiety

That's right.  You are NOT your Anxiety.  You probably feel like your anxiety makes up your identity and my guess is that you've recently said to someone, "I am anxious".  I know I've used that term in the past.  But the truth is that you are not anxious.  You're the one that's aware that anxiety is here.  This awareness is the practice of self-observation without judgement.  Some call it the witness or the one who notices. 

Yogi of the Month - November 2017!

Meet Emily Burdick!
Emily has been coming to Serenity since November 2015!  I absolutely love her spirit and her enthusiasm for yoga!  I mean, look at that smile!  She currently attends most of Kendra's series classes, including heat and beats!  She has brought multiple friends to this class, encouraging them to try yoga for the first time!  We are so lucky to have Emily as part of our Serenity community!  Her smile and joy for life lights up the room! 

Yogi of the Month - October 2017!

Meet Linda Lussier!
I am so grateful Linda discovered our yoga community earlier this year!  It is always such a joy to have her in class.  She is always smiling and willing to try anything you offer in class.  Linda is an annual member and has attended class over 109 times since she started in January!  She is truly committed to her practice and I look forward to seeing her name on the roster each week.

Essential Oil of the Month - September 2017

doTERRA Serenity Restful Blend combines a select group of powerful, CPTG® essential oils to help calm and relax when stressful feelings arise. With so many high-stress moments and situations all around, it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and tense. The doTERRA Serenity Restful Blend can be used aromatically and topically to promote relaxation, encourage calm emotions, and lessen feelings of tension.