Age Well With Yoga 

teacher: Karen sheingold

Cost: $126/series
wednesdays 10:45AM-12:15pm
october 3rd - november 14th

If you practice yoga, you are familiar with its benefits. If you are 50 and older, you may have noticed that as you age your body, mind and life are changing. Perhaps your yoga needs to shift to support these changes. It turns out that a consistent, comprehensive, reflective yoga practice can help you to stay healthier longer—can improve your ‘healthspan.’ To learn about the powerful connections between yoga and healthy aging and how to refine your practice so it works best for you, sign up for this 7-week series.

Who should take this class?

If you:

  • already have yoga experience, and are 50 or older

  • want to learn more about how yoga can help you to be strong, flexible, balanced, agile and calm as you get older

  • want to refine your practice in ways that safely support, engage and challenge you as you get older, and/or

  • want to integrate yoga practices more deeply into your life as you get older

this class is for you.

Many people choose to take this class more than once.


"...not only did I learn more about the benefits of yoga as I age (flexibility, strength, balance, agility and more) but I gained courage and learned restraint: courage to try new poses (wisely) and to move more smoothly between poses (again wisely); restraint when I felt my competitive side rearing its head.….. caring for myself, focusing on my breath and body. I was sad when the class ended. It was a joy to be with an older age group and to share what yoga and being older meant for each of us."

Meredith Jones, Pelham, MA - a recent Age Well yogi in her 70's who had been very physically active and involved in competitive sports