Advancing Your Asana (Posture) Series 

teacher: Taylor haaf

Cost: $108/series
tuesdays 5:30-7:00pm
September 24th - October 29th

During this six week series we will devote an hour and a half every week to deepening our relationship to our bodies, our breath and our asana practice.

This series is designed for students who are looking to take their asana practice to the next level or seeking to deepen their understanding of alignment principles while working toward more advanced postures.

In order to safely advance our practices, we will work slowly and with deep awareness of our growing edges and limitations. The goal of advancing our asana practice is not simply to stand on our heads or balance on our hands for the sake of the outer form, but rather in order to expand awareness fully through every fiber of our being. In order to achieve these more advanced asanas we must deeply focus our consciousness and embody every cell of our bodies. This level of concentration (dharana) is the sixth limb of yoga and we will grow this practice and experience dharana for ourselves during these six weeks.

This course is not for brand new beginners, but you do not have to have an “advanced” practice already. This course is designed for the intermediate practitioner looking to expand their understanding of asana and practice. If you are unsure if this series is right for you, please speak with Taylor.