Serenity Yoga Yogi of the Month

We have so many incredible yogis as part of our community, that we just have to tell you about some of them.  It's time to meet some of the superstars that make our community so awesome!

July 2017

Meet Diane Allen!


Diane is a veteran Serenity member. She started attending Justine's classes when the studio was under different ownership and hasn't stopped since!  

Diane has logged over 615 classes since 2012 and this isn't even counting the time before we had technology to keep track! She is an amazing woman with a beautiful practice. It has been awesome to see her practice evolve over the years. We are so honored and lucky to have Diane as part of our Serenity Community!

In her own words....

How did you get into yoga?  Why?

I was retired and needed some sort of exercise. I have fibromyalgia and lack of exercise is not good. So I looked up what exercises were best for fibro, and there at the top was yoga.  I knew that there was a studio at the commons so I went to a class.  And that was the beginning.  I was 61 at the time.  I started in gentle, then beginning. I went from once a week, to twice a week. It was hard at first, because I had to build up muscles. But at the end of two years, I was in intermediate classes and going 3 to 4 times a week. My husband says that I have changed considerably.  

What keeps you coming back to yoga?

My balance improved, my flexibility improved, and it became much easier to do chores, etc. Fibro creates pain in my muscles and tendons and the stretching needed for yoga stretched the knots and my muscles. It took the place of the physical therapy I had been doing. It does not get rid of the pain but makes it easier to stand. I am now 70, can do so much more than most of my friends. Bending, reaching, lifting,  are so much better. I have well defined muscles (vanity) and look younger than my years. I will continue for as long as I am able. I do have to modify a number of poses, but I am finally able to do a handstand, if only for a few seconds. I know some sort of exercise is really important and more so for me. I no longer hold my breath and breathe better. Apnea has almost gone.

What advice would you share with someone who is new to yoga?

My advice for someone just starting is to do what you can and don’t get discouraged. You so not need to be in shape - it will come.  And no one is there to show off their latest workout clothes (I still have flared yoga pants). Everything will eventually come..It took me awhile but I am still improving.

What’s your favorite thing about practicing at Serenity Yoga?

And best of all, you will meet some very nice people who are enjoying what you are.  I’ve made new friends and acquaintances and enjoy the camaraderie. Unless I’ve been gardening for a few hours, I do not miss my yoga.