The Alchemist: Spring Series Level 1/2

teacher: Kendra Renzoni

Cost: $175/series (Early bird $160 by march 18th)
Sundays 5:45-7:00pm
april 8th - june 24th (NO CLAss may 13th and may 27th)

This course is designed to bring the level one student up to a level 2 practice. We will begin the course by covering the foundational postures and working on the building blocks for level 2 poses. We practice the full range of standing poses, seated poses, basic twists, forward bends, backbends and shoulder-stand will be introduced. From the foundation of strength, stamina, alignment, and understanding created in the first half of the course, we'll move into a level 2 practice.  Here we continue with the foundational postures but add in stages of learning handstand, forearm balance, sun salutations, and more challenging backbends.  Each new posture is built in stages with step-by-step instructions and modifications offered so students are able to tune into their bodies and practice at their own level of comfort.  


  • Focused work on Standing Poses, Forward Bends, Back Bends, Sun Salutations
  • Introduction to Inversions
  • Step-By-Step Supportive work
  • Therapeutics to increase mobility, range of motion, and release restrictions 
  • Hands-on Assists (for those that want this)
  • Repetition to integrate what we have learned and witness growth
  • Alignment
  • Yoga Philosophy as a tool for working with thoughts and learning self inquiry, as physical and emotional openings begin to occur


  • Hips (opening and strengthening)
  • Hamstrings (opening and strengthening)
  • Core
  • Spinal Mobility
  • Releasing muscle tension in the back
  • Chest Opening
  • Shoulders (increasing range of motion & strengthening)
  • Neck & Jaw Releasing
  • Breath work
  • Philosophy
  • Resting the mind